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September 21, 2017, 6:37 am

Aiken-Rhett House

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Aiken-Rhett House
48 Elizabeth St.

This celebrated estate was originally built for merchant John Robinson in 1817. Robinson lost 55 ships at sea in 1825 and was forced to sell the establishment to and Irish immigrant William Aiken Sr. in 1827. The house, used as a rental property, was eventually inherited by William Aiken Jr. who married in 1833 and renovated the estate with his new wife. Aiken Jr. became governor of South Carolina and later a member of the House of Representatives. Aiken's daughter and her husband, Major A B Rhett, eventually bequeathed the property to their son I' On Rhett in 1949. In 1975 I' On Rhett and his wife donated the property to the Charleston Museum. The estate remained in their possession until purchased by the Historic Charleston Foundation in 1995.

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