Charleston, SC Surrounding Areas, Daniel Island

Daniel Island was once home to a Native American tribe called the Etiwan. Later the port city of Charles Town was established here by English settlers. Plantations soon started popping up when the settlers realized that the island's fertile soil was perfect for farming. In 1947 the island was purchased by Harry Frank Guggenheim and turned into a hunting preserve and cattle ranch. Guggenheim created a foundation, and when he died the island's ownership passed to it. In 1997, the Daniel Island Company bought the island for development.

Daniel Island is located 15 miles north of Charleston. It is part of South Carolina's lowcountry region. You'll find scenic beaches, rivers and marsh areas in a very temperate climate. As such, Daniel Island is a good place for year-round activities. Its location is convenient for the multitude of events and activities of Charleston without being in the heart of the city.

You'll find in Daniel Island a mixture of eclectic shops, churches, schools and a wholesome family environment. These are some of the reasons that it is known as Charleston's island town.

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