Charleston, SC Surrounding Areas, Isle of Palms

First inhabited by a tribe of Native Americans known as the Seewee, the Isle of Palms was originally named Hunting Island. Some believe pirates also frequented the island to hide buried treasure for safekeeping. None has been found as of yet but that hardly stops people from looking.

A key battle was fought here in the revolutionary war, in which 2500 English troops attempted to cross the Inlet that separates the Isle of Palms from Sullivan's Island. Many of these men drowned in that attempt. The Island was notable again during the Civil War, as it was the port from which the USS Hunley departed. The Hunley was the first submarine in history to successfully destroy another vessel.

There were no permanent inhabitants on the Isle of Palms until 1899 when J.S. Lawrence bought the island and gave it the name it has today. Massive amounts of development started around this time and continue up to today.

Water sports rule the activities on the Island. Fishing, whether it is pier, charter, or sport, remains very popular along with jet skiing and playing in the surf. One of the most popular land activities is to watch the turtles nest in the summertime. The Isle of Palms is also home to the Wild Palms Resort. The Wild Palms has two of Charleston's best golf courses.

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