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September 21, 2017, 6:35 am

McLeod Plantation

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McLeod Plantation

Fifty four of the original 617 acres of the McLeod Plantation remain on James Island, owned by the Historic Charleston Foundation. The estimated year of construction is 1696. This property was once the location for the Confederate Divisional Hospital and temporarily the location of the Freedman's Bureau. The estate also served as a camp for the 55th Mass during the first stage of Federal Occupation in 1865. William Wallace McLeod purchased the plantation from William McKenzie Parker II in 1851. The house remained in the McLeod family until 1990. William Ellis McLeod died in the same room which he was born at the age 105. A cotton house remains on the plantation and was maintained until the 1930's. Other artifacts that have been collected and are on display include; 1738 British Colonial coin as well as French and British gun flints and musket balls from the Revolutionary War era.

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