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September 21, 2017, 6:39 am

Charleston, SC Real Estate

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Upon your first visit to Charleston, SC it is to be expected if you become overwhelmed by the southern hospitality and beautiful architecture of this wonderful city. Many people decide to move here after visiting our wonderful city.

Charleston continues to be one of the most popular places to live in the entire southeastern region of the country. The overall quality of living in Charleston is easily the biggest reason people relocate here. Its rich history and the overall friendliness of its residents are major factors that influence immigration to the Holy City.

There are roughly 100,000 people living in Charleston. Professional and managerial employment has the greatest percentage of the job market. The service and sales industries make up the bulk of the working opportunities you'll find in the Charleston area. The average household income is just over $37,000.

Real estate options in Charleston are quite varied. Two-thirds of the homes are single family standalone residences. Many neighborhoods are lined with tall trees and pristine lawns. Multiple occupancy residences, however, are also available in the form of condominiums and town homes.

Most Charleston citizens own their homes, so only a third of the properties are for rental opportunities. This fact, along with the steady increase in real estate value, makes Charleston the perfect place to buy property. The average purchase price on homes is still under $200,000. The actual prices vary greatly, however, depending on what type of home you are looking for. Your options will range from a nice starter home to lush historic plantation style estates. Location is also an important concern as the historic downtown area is obviously a prime real estate area. As a general rule, home prices increase as you approach the battery.

If you have decided to join the wonderful Charleston community, whether you want to be downtown or in a surrounding area such as Mt. Pleasant, check out our favorite real estate brokers, who can help make your search for the perfect home a quick and painless one.

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